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Tips On Buying A Truck

Posted by SGM Canada on 11/6/2015 to Integrity
Tips On Buying A Truck

 Let the Lord judge the peoples. Vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness, according to my integrity, O Most High. Psalm 7:8

The story is told of a wise old farmer who went to town to buy a pickup truck that he saw advertised in the paper for a certain price. After telling the salesman which truck he wanted, they sat down to do the paperwork. The salesman handed the farmer the bill and the farmer declared, “This isn’t the price I saw!” The salesman responded, “That’s because you’re getting extras such as power brakes, power windows, special tyres, and so on.” The farmer needed the truck badly so he zipped his lip, paid the price, and went home.

A few months later, the salesman called up the farmer and said, “My son has bought a hobby farm and I’d like to buy him a cow as a present. Do you have any cows for sale?” The farmer said, “Yes, I have a few cows you could choose from and I’d sell any one to you for $500.00. Come look and take your pick.” Later that day the salesman arrived to look at the farmer’s cows. After an hour in the field checking out the cows he decided on one and sat down with the farmer to write out a cheque for $500.00. The farmer said, “Now wait a minute, that’s not the final price of the cow. You’re getting extras with it and you have to pay for that too.” What do you mean? What extras are there with a cow?” asked the salesman. Below is the list the farmer gave the salesman for the final price of the cow:

Basic cow                                                            $500.00

Two tone exterior                                              $45.00

Extra stomach                                                    $75.00

Product storing equipment                              $60.00

Straw compartment                                           $120.00

Four spigots @ $10 each                                   $40.00

Leather upholstery                                              $125.00

Dual horns                                                             $45.00

Automatic fly swatter                                           $38.00

Fertilizer attachment                                            $185.00

GRAND TOTAL                                                     $1233.00

It’s a great story, but sadly it reminds us of how we live in a dog eat dog world. Everyone’s out to make a fast buck, or so it seems. Let’s make sure we don’t get sucked in and act like so many others. Choose to be different. Be a man or woman of righteousness and integrity . . .